Water for dogs

Dog Quote of the day : You may have many best friends but your dog only has one.


Quality water is essential for a healthy body to carry out crucial bodily functions. This science applies to dogs just as much as to humans.

Long Life Dog Water is a special, natural water composition specifically for the consumption of dogs. It’s full of essential minerals that create health benefits such as: strengthening joins, hips, and bones, preventing arthritis and urinary tract infections and much more.

There are many forms of water that may seem suitable for your furry friend’s consumption, but do you really know the effects that it could have on your dog?

-Tap Water: Tap water is generally considered to be an imperfect form of hydration because it has the ability to harm. Most tap water is full of chemicals you can’t even pronounce such as, dibromochloromethane and bromodichloromethane. 

These harmful chemicals have a strong carcinogenic effect, they negatively influence the central nervous system and can cause liver and kidney disease. Unlike tap water, Long Life Dog Water has only one simple ingredient you can actually pronounce: natural spring water, packed full of everything your furry friend needs for a healthy life

-Mineral Water: Though, mineral water is designed to have a positive impact on the human body, these minerals are not suitable for dogs. Unlike mineral water, Long Life Dog Water is suitable for dogs because of its natural origins containing the proper elements to keep your pup healthy.

Unlike traditional pills or powders that require the hassle of mixing it into your dog’s food, Long Life Dog Water is a daily drinking water, suited for dogs to boost mobility, prevent urinary tract infections, soothe stiff hips and joints, support joint health, prevent arthritis, and overall provide a healthier life for man’s best friend.

There are numerous studies proving that drinking the best quality spring water is the healthiest and most beneficial way of hydrating ourselves as part of a normal daily drinking regime and can even cure many diseases. This is exactly what Long Life Dog Water does, we provide your furry friend with the highest quality, healthiest, and affordable daily drinking dog water to boost their overall health.

Our pups give us all the love in the word, so lets return the favor of giving them a long and healthy life.


Perfectly hydrates dogs body