Water for dogs

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In the heart of Europe, there is a land full of mineral springs. Deep underground and entirely protected by the layers of the earth, a natural treasure is brought into the light – DOGWATER. This water comes from a system of underground reservoirs, formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. The composition and excellent quality of the water has stayed consistent for more than 35 years. The water is suitable for dogs of all ages, although the recommended quantity varies with the size of your dog. Due to low mineralization, this water is suitable for all dogs (total dissolved solids only add up to 372 mg/gal). There is a unique composition in terms of calcium and magnesium ratio, with a low content of sodium. The components and values of the included minerals have been adjusted to follow water standards. This water can help your dogs prosper, healing and strengthening their bodies.

There are many benefits of DOGWATER, including;

  • The daily hydrating of your dog’s body
  • Enriched water that has many positive effects on the health of your dog
  • Helps prevent arthritis, urolithiasis, and many other diseases
  • Has a positive effect on the coronary, vascular, and muscle system
  • Helps create a balanced environment in the digestive system of your dog’s body
  • Includes a well-balanced level of calcium and magnesium

Note: DOGWATER is only meant for animal consumption

DOGWATER makes your dogs life happier, healthier and longer!

Helps to prevent arthritis, urolithiasis and other diseases in dogs.

Perfectly hydrates dogs body